Creative process: Discovering your personal archetype

All of us, in one way or another, want to both create and share the fruits of our creativity; and one way each of us can to do this is by discovering and building on our strengths within our dominant personality character, or archetype.

In her book Archetypes: Who are you? (1), Caroline Myss takes the reader on a journey of the self, and in a practical approach, with concrete examples and suggestions, helps us to discover, understand, and make the best use of our underlying character and personality characteristics.

Myss suggests, for example that creativity is a grace and is a defining characteristic of the artist archetype:

“Creativity has the power to generate art, drama, literature, music, dance, and countless other forms of expression that inspire and transform us.”

No matter what our personality type, it is likely that we will find it or a combination/composite of our personality traits in this book.

Creativity, for example, is not limited to only the person with a dominant artistic archetypal personality – it can be a component of various personality types.

Here are the personality archetypes, each with a chapter, which Myss explores in detail, while noting there are numerous other personality archetypes:

The Advocate
The Artist/creative
The Athlete
The Caregiver
The Fashionista
The Intellectual
The Queen/Executive
The Rebel
The Spiritual Seeker
The Visionary

The chapters on each personality profile or archetype are generally divided into ten sub-topics which help to better understand the archetype under discussion in the chapter.

The Unique Challenge section for example “…sets out the issues or challenges that emerge naturally out of the characteristics of the archetype. The Universal Lesson discussion contains a life lesson “that is the key to the inner development of individuals” with the particular archetype.

(1) Caroline Myss, Archetypes: Who Are You?, Hay House Inc., Copyright 2013 by Archetypes Publishing LLC.

— Dennis Mellersh

About Dennis Mellersh

Dennis Mellersh is an independent writer, journalist, editor, and editorial consultant.
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