Poem: Seeing Clearly

Seeing Clearly

When I was drowning
I was spinning and sinking,
but I could see clearly.

No-one dared to enter
the current that held me,
but they heard my cries for help
and were thinking of a way to save me.

I grabbed on
to whatever I could,
but none of it gave me
the support I needed.

I moved swiftly
with the water’s flow
towards a bridge, where some
were waiting to save me.

But I was dragged
between the supports,
went beyond the bridge,
and continued sinking downstream.

Once submerged,
I became at peace:
no faces from the past,
no memories,
no précis of my life unfolded.

Instead I saw colors,
and objects, and people –
people tumbling around me.

I could see clearly
when I was drowning.

— Dennis Mellersh

About Dennis Mellersh

Dennis Mellersh is an independent writer, journalist, editor, and editorial consultant.
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